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Testimonials: Stephen Merritt
The Welsh Poultry Centre

"S&T Poultry have provided us with a number of birds over the years. Good quality stock is vital for our business.
We have stuck with Stephen because of the friendly service and good quality birds he bring us."

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Barbary Duck
Typical of S&T Poultry this Barbary is specially selected for its strong flavour and firm texture coupled with superb growth statistics.


Guinea Fowl
Enjoying an increasingly growing market Guinea Fowl offers an alternative dish somewhere between chicken and pheasant. It also offers a gamey taste that can be enjoyed throughout the whole year with no close of season.


White Farm Ranger
The White Farm Ranger is a bird similar to our SA431. It is white feathered with yellow flesh and shanks, again with increased maize diet the yelow in the flesh is enhanced.


Poulet Gaulois
The Poulet Gaulois has a low growth rate with a very good flavour and low fat content, ideal for the connoisseur.


Farm Ranger
The Farm Ranger is a bird achieving target weights of up to 3.6kg if taken over 84 days without having any detrimental affects in order to produce a larger family bird.

Pekin Duck
Growth rates for our Pekin Ducks can be found ... here

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