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Testimonials: Stephen Merritt
The Welsh Poultry Centre

"S&T Poultry have provided us with a number of birds over the years. Good quality stock is vital for our business.
We have stuck with Stephen because of the friendly service and good quality birds he bring us."


For egg producers we have a range of layer birds available as day olds or point of lay pullets.

Ideal for outdoor units, the Novogen birds acclimatise well, have a docile temperament and adapt well to feed quality. Egg production is good but they have the added benefit of giving good meat at the end of lay making them more like the older utility, dual purpose breeds. This givies the opportunity for a further small revenue stream from your layer flock.

Producing on average 260 dark eggs per year, the Black has black with a copper band of feathers.

Producing on average 220 light eggs per year, the Gris has speckled grey feathers.

Producing on average 220 light eggs per year, the Centre has ash grey feathers.

Producing on average 260 light eggs per year, the Sussex is prodominantly white with black neck and tail feathers.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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